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AquaStretch™ Techniques and Applications

Location: Rochester, MN (Located approximately 90 minutes from MSP airport)

Dates: TBD, to be rescheduled based on demand

Instructor: Kimberly Gordon, MPT, MAqI, GAq

Hours: 16 hours

Credits: 16 CEUs

Cost: $495

Course Description:

This two day course presents the foundations and applications of AquaStretch™.

AquaStretch™ is a myofascial release technique performed in shallow water. AquaStretch™ theoretically breaks down fascial adhesions utilizing a combination of the facilitator/therapist’s manual pressure and the client/ patient’s active movement. AquaStretch™ helps to restore flexibility, reduce pain, create relaxation that helps to improve function, quality of life, and sleep and therefore overall ability to heal.

This course will address the basic AquaStretch™ procedures and theory. Participants will

practice this manual technique in the classroom and the pool. Topics in this course include

starting positions and grips, how to safely apply stretch resistance using 5-15 pound weights to the body in 3-5 foot depth water using/ facilitating intuitive movement. Additional discussion on implementation into wellness and rehabilitation programs will help guide the participants in immediately utilizing this technique with their clients and patents. 

This is a manual, one on one technique. A skills check and verbal exam will be given as part of the course.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

1. Explain the 4 basic AquaStretch™ theories.

2. Safely progress a client through at least eleven basic starting positions and grips within the AquaStretch™ wellness program.

3. Effectively cue and perform the basic AquaStretch™ procedure. (Play, Freeze, Pressure, Move)

4. Discuss appropriate water depth and use of equipment, including safe application and removal of weights.

5. Describe appropriate documentation for various aquatic therapy settings.

6. Describe the benefits of AquaStretch™ techniques for various patient populations.

7. List contraindications and precautions to the AquaStretch™ technique.

Meet your Instructor

Kimberly Gordon, MPT, MAqI, GAqI



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